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The programme is taught directly by NLP co-creator, John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll who collectively have worked in the NLP field for 98 years. This makes the Grinder/Bostic/Carroll partnership the most experienced, dynamic and knowledgeable training team in the NLP world.

As far as we are aware this is the ONLY Trainers Training taking place in 2020, so you can make 2020 your year of achievement, by becoming a certified NLP Trainer ready to train others in NLP, which is much needed in the world at this current time.

The course has a unique structure where Michael will teach his sessions live in Gallipoli, and John and Carmen will teach their sessions via live stream to the group in Gallipoli.

The course design is the same as when Michael, John and Carmen work together in person, so you will enjoy a Grinder, Bostic, Carroll production as close as possible to the traditional courses that they teach together.

The NLP Academy Trainers Training is an international experience with attendees from all over the world. The course is taught in English with a simultaneous translation to Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

The NLP Trainers Training is part of the NLP live in Europe series, taking place in Gallipoli in Southern Italy.

Upon graduating Trainers Training, you will be eligible to join the International Trainers Academy of NLP (ITA), the prestigious certifying organisation where as a member you can issue John Grinder signed NLP certificates to your students.

Module I – Advanced Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

06 - 11 October 2020

This first module is about learning how to design and deliver presentations for optimal audience engagement. Public speaking and presentation skills are an essential part of Trainer’s skill set to offer content charismatically creating a context where it’s easy to learn the material.

An excellent public speaker and presenter is fearless on stage, they own the space, they know how to maximise the use of their tonality to enhance their message, they use their body language to engage the audience, they are gifted story tellers, and they structure their material in a sequence so it is naturally absorbed by the audience making it easy for people to remember the material. You will learn all of this and more during the six day module on the Advanced Presentation and Public Speaking Skills course.

Module II – The Art and Science of Teaching NLP

13 - 18 October 2020

Module II is centered on teaching Neuro Linguistic Programming at various levels and to different sectors. As an NLP Trainer you are likely to offer a range of courses as part of your business, for example introductory courses, NLP Practitioner courses, business courses and specialist application courses. In this module, you will learn about training style and design, how to sequence material and structure content to maximise learning.

NLP Training is both an art and science, the artistry comes in the flair and flexibility a trainer exhibits in their metaphors, creative sessions and elegance in conducting demonstrations. The science is in the formatting of each session and precision in presenting factual content to set up exercise delivery. The art/science combination establishes a context for sophisticated transfer of content.

This module will give you the complete NLP Trainer package to enable you to deliver in depth sessions covering the full range of learning styles in the class, with the material being assimilated unconsciously and understood consciously.

Module III – Evaluation

20 - 23 October 2020

In this phase you will demonstrate your competency to the evaluation team with various activities to ensure you are ready to be an NLP Trainer. The evaluation process is rigorous; you will use all the skills you learnt in Module I and II throughout the evaluation as well as your NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner skills.

  • You will design and deliver a 35 minute NLP presentation
  • You will conduct an NLP demonstration
  • You will tasked to present under challenging circumstances
  • You will also complete a closed book test on Classic NLP patterning

The NLP Trainers Training and rigid evaluation is designed to create the best NLP Trainers in the world.

Your Training Options

By booking on either the Live Training or Live Stream option, You will receive a FREE repeat option to attend the Live Training in 2021 when John, Carmen and Michael will be training Live together again (Covid permitting)

Live Training in Italy

  • Join training daily in Italy with course Colleagues
  • Take part in exercises guided by live mentors
  • NLP Trainer Certification on passing the course allowing to run courses and Certifying NLP Practitioner through the ITANLP under the Grinder, Bostic, Carroll banner
  • Work with people from all over Europe

Live Stream Training

  • Join daily live interactive sessions via Zoom
  • Take part Breakout Room exercises guided by mentors
  • NLP Trainer Diploma on passing the course allowing to run Classic Code NLP Diplomas through the ITANLP under the Grinder, Bostic, Carroll banner
  • Work with people from all over the world

Course Investment

Full Investment
£6500.00 + IVA

Early Booking Investment
£3250.00 + IVA (£3997.50)

Saving you £3250.00

Until 05 October 2020 only

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